A full-on produce geek, Emma Galloway grew up vegetarian on an organic vegetable farm and, even though she went on to cook professionally as a chef, her style is mostly inspired by playing with the produce from her small garden and local farmers markets.
“Taking ownership of what you eat is the single most powerful choice we have as humans and nothing makes me happier than seeing people trying their best to support local growers and artisans, trying their hand at growing their own vegetables and getting back to the simple basic pleasures of cooking real food from scratch,” she said.
‘Real Food Kitchen’ spreads a clear message; food, as nature intended, is a seasonal affair. Or, using her own words, “Life is too short to eat flavourless out-of-season produce.”
The cookbook includes a wealth of vegetarian and gluten-free options, filled with her signature inventive, minimalist styling and stunning photography. Eating locally, especially in an age of year-round availability of produce, is the foundation of Galloway’s work, which has been featured on several publications such as The Guardian and Oprah.com, to name a few. You can also follow Emma on her award-winning food blog ‘My Darling Lemon Thyme’.