Now followed by more than three million subscribers, Burr has been making YouTube videos about beauty, fashion, cooking and her own life since 2009. Due to the success of the baking chapter in her first book, Love, she decided to share her passion further and work on her very first cookbook, Tanya Bakes. From cakes to simple puddings, loaves and pastries, as well as everyday staple bakes and sweet treats, Tanya has all covered—no matters if you feel confident with your skillset or not.

“Baking is close to my heart and has been really important to me ever since I was little,” she said. “On my own or with my friends and loved ones, spending time in the kitchen always makes me smile and I hope that, by trying some of these recipes, you can share in that happiness.”

Tanya Bakes also includes recipes that have been shared amongst her friends and family. “We love messing about in the kitchen making delicious things to eat, even if things don't always go to plan - it's all part of the fun.”