Building on the huge success of ‘That Sugar Film’ and ‘That Sugar Book’, Australian actor Damon Gameau and his wife Zoe Tuckwell-Smith embarked in a brand-new adventure and squeezed 80 simple, real-food recipes in a unique cookbook. ‘The Sugar Guide’ contains plenty of practical advice to start having a healthy relationship with food. More importantly, it’s neither a diet book nor a mere ‘sugar removal’ plan, but rather a useful manual for reducing the sugar intake.
At the end of his famous sugar experiment, Damon was 8.5 kilograms overweight and had full-blown fatty liver disease, pre type 2 diabetes and heart-disease risks.
“These meals took me to full health again in just 60 days,” he said. “It’s important to note that this approach may not work for everyone in the same way it did for me.”
To better guide readers through the transition, the book presents 21 Bridging Week recipes and then moves on to the so-called Consolidation Phase, including meals for school lunch boxes, special treats and snacks.
“My hope is that one day consuming less sugar will not be thought of as a diet or even a meal plan, but will simply be known as eating,” said Damon.