No mess, no accidents, no smell, no vermin! Cookright’s ‘VATMAN’ is your kitchen superhero, removing hazardous, labour-intensive, messy kitchen jobs from your work schedule to save you time, effort and money – all while ensuring your business is both hygiene and insurance compliant.

The Cookright ‘VATMAN’ whisks away your waste oil on a weekly basis, using Cookright’s no-mess, clamp-shut-lid ‘Pail Collection System.’ The Cookright ‘VATMAN’ removes potentially dangerous, messy, smelly and vermin-attracting waste, plus all potential for spillages and accidents from your premises. Two collection systems are available: Pail Collection for weekly removal, and Wheelie Bin Collection for larger volumes.

If you’re in a more remote or rural location, or you simply have extra large volumes of waste oil, the Cookright ‘VATMAN’ supplies you with a wheelie bin (or two) for easy filling, storage, manoeuvring and lockability.

The Cookright ‘VATMAN’ stores and recycles your waste cooking oils so you don’t have too, all in line with local council and government regulations. Plus, you are issued with a certificate confirming your waste oil has been officially removed and recycled. Waste oil is reprocessed at MPI-approved processing sites then reused for bio fuel production or as an additive for stock feeds. Nothing goes to waste!

The Cookright ‘VATMAN’ is your kitchen cleaning superhero. The VATMAN will clean filters, flues, fryers and hoods, hire easy-clean cookware tanks, will remove waste-oil with no mess and no hassle, will deliver quality oils and is OSH trained and insurance compliant, naturally!

If you’re in the hospitality sector and looking for a change, a number of our successful Cookright franchisees are ex-chefs. If you’re keen to work for yourself and like the idea of running a business with low overheads, that is relatively simple to operate, with plenty of support on hand and lots of potential for growth, we want to talk to you today. Call Cookright on 0800 804 104,