Winterhalter is a premium range of glass and dishwashers, machines which get it right first time, every time. The machines won Best New Hospitality Product at Fine Food Australia in 2016, and continue to push the boundaries of under-counter glass and dishwasher solutions.

The effectiveness of Winterhalter machines comes from the science behind the water filters. Using a process known as reverse osmosis, the machines filter impurities from the water before it is used on the glasses. This nullifies any potential watermarks, and also means that the water is more effective at removing any stains already present on the glass.

Winterhalter cites data collected from the Opera Bar in Sydney, which saved an average of AUD $53.39 by acquiring the washer. The savings, totalling AUD $1,623 a month, come from a reduced number of daily washes due to the first-time efficiency, lower maintenance costs and damages and labour costs. No polishing glasses means that the chances of glasses being broken by staff are dramatically reduced, saving an average of $10 a day, and also means that no extra labour is required to carry out the task.

The intention is not to get rid of labour, but rather to reassign it. Hand-polishing glasses takes a lot of time and has a relatively small tangible outcome, but still requires valuable manpower, time and money – three things that can be hard to come by in the hospitality industry.

Not only do the machines pay for themselves, but they also have the uncanny ability to sell themselves. Managing director Andrew Brett notes the power of word-of-mouth as a sales technique, citing an example in Sydney. One bar purchased a Winterhalter machine, and soon other bars in the area followed. High staff turnover in the hospitality industry resulted in the story of the polish-free dishwasher being passed around, with each mention sparking more sales.

Customer service is core to the Winterhalter ethos, with the recognition that if customers are going to make a significant upfront investment in a machine, they deserve a significant level of customer service. To that end, Winterhalter has appointed Auckland hospitality icon Phil Neverman in a business development role in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.