This weekend will see the Christchurch Town Hall play host to DramFest, New Zealand’s largest whisky education and tasting festival and the brainchild of Stella and Michael Fraser Milne of Whisky Galore.

The Fraser Milne’s set up DramFest in 2007 motivated by a desire to spread the whisky gospel and provide whisky enthusiasts from around the country with the opportunity to learn more about the amber nectar and to meet the people behind the brands.

From those humble beginnings in the Limes Room at Christchurch Town Hall, twelve years later they are now hosting their 7th festival back at the Town Hall, where it all started.

DramFest provides a unique opportunity to meet with overseas and local whisky experts including distillers, owners and brand ambassadors.  Offering visitors, the chance to interact with those who are directly involved with the creation, selection and promotion of whisky from Scotland, Japan, Ireland, New Zealand and all around the whisky world.

Running alongside the main event is a series of eighteen Masterclasses and Tasting sessions. With over seventy exhibitors the main event will have over 300 different single malt, blended and other whiskies available to try.