Australian sandwich fans will have to look elsewhere for their sandwich fix as Subways across the country cancel their traditional buy one, get one free promotion. The usual deal has been axed due to struggling franchisees, who complained over the high costs of the day.

Director for Subway Australia and New Zealand, Chris Churchmichael, said that the cancellation was due to the feedback received from the community in regards to the campaign. He also said that although the promotion had been cancelled, Subway would still donate 50 cents from each sub sold in Australia to the Foodbank of Australia.

Subway Australia’s revenue has not been doing as hot as it had previously. Reports show that its revenue in 2017 was around NZ$135 million, down from NZ$153 million.

A spokesperson for Subway said that the efforts of last year’s drive saw the donation of more than 340,000 meals to Foodbank. However, franchisees take the brunt of the costs, one of whom said that franchisees pay AU$1 million in costs across the country, to see the donation of just AU$68,000 to the food bank.