Sawmill Brewery in Matakana has been awarded the first-ever Brewing Sustainability Award at New Zealand’s 2019 NZ Brewers’ Guild Awards. Sawmill Brewery has sustainability embedded into their business practice. They have been using solar power for over 12 years, they refrain from using plastic packaging, and have a goal of being zero waste. Furthermore, Sawmill is the first craft brewery to can their beer, capture and use their rainwater, and compost all their compostable waste onsite.

Sawmill, however, has also recently been devastated by fire. The office, brewery and Smoko restaurant all have to be rebuilt.

Through the collaboration of the New Zealand beer industry, however, Sawmill has been offered space to brew their beer in other breweries for the time being.

While the premises are rebuilt, Sawmill is still able to produce their beer, and look after their staff, as everyone navigates this turbulent time.