Menumate has had its biggest test in its last 15 years of servicing the hospitality industry in New Zealand, but where does it leave them and where are they going?

With a change of leadership and two very competent backers from the software industry, Menumate is ready to spring forward and bring its point of sale software into the 21st Century.

The staff behind Menumate have been working with a new development team, based in Christchurch, to improve its core POS functionality and introduce features that will give the most to end-users before making steps towards the cloud.

The always improving cloud space is the fastest growing area for development in the software industry, and with increasing demand in the hospitality industry, Menumate knows that not every owner/operator/manager can be at their POS all the time to check sales, reach their customers and run their business.

While Menumate's POS is based on-premise, it can offer the best of both worlds—stability from an onsite based core, and also the advantages of being part of the cloud, one of them being integrations.

Integrations are becoming more and more important to POS users and being part of the cloud opens opportunities to link with Menumate's clients' favourite third-party providers. This takes the POS system from just servicing orders and payments for your customers in-store, to expanding customer reach through customer ordering and accessing booking information through the POS or saving time by sending sales data to your account system.

The Menumate team is excited to bring these changes and a fresh face to POS users over the coming months.

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