Melbourne pop-up causes controversy

A pop-up burger joint in Melbourne has caused a stir with its latest online post. Pablo Escoburgers, named after notorious Colombian drug lord, posted a picture of a burger that featured a line of garlic powder next to a folded up fake $100 bill.

The online response has been a mixed bag. Some people support the clever use of wordplay and aesthetics, and others have taken offence at the references to Escobar’s narcotics trafficking and the glorifying of drug use.

The response from Escoburgers co-owner Vaughn Marks was initially resentful—“If you can take 2 mins to review us to reverse the 2-star rating we now have that would be great! Thanks for the love. You can clearly see the difference between the people who have tried our delicious burgers and the Colombians who just don’t like the name. Thanks.” However, following the publicity the controversial image received, an official statement was released on the Escoburgers Facebook page that stated, “We are very proud of our burgers, but we do also understand that Pablo Escobar was a horrible man who destroyed the lives of thousands of Colombians. We do not condone, idolise, or promote Pablo Emilio Escobar or his actions in any way. We are however Australian and know how to have a laugh about a good play on words.”

Marks said he had no plans to change the name of the pop-up.