Win for Toronto Restaurants

The City of Toronto has approved a city-wide zoning amendment to encourage more dining, entertainment and vibrancy on outdoor patios located on private property. This announcement will, in turn, generate more revenue, encourage job growth, and provide more spaces for people to gather, celebrate, and enjoy what restaurants in Toronto have to offer.

The Toronto food service community is one of the city’s largest employers, and its restaurants serve as one of the most ethnically diverse workforces where women, BIPOC and newcomers to Canada come to seek opportunity.

The food service industry is critical to Ontario’s economy and has achieved remarkable growth, reaching almost $40 billion in 2022, with further forecasts for growth in 2023. However, this growth has not translated into financial stability for the majority of food service businesses, with over 56 percent in Ontario operating at a loss or barely breaking even.

Restaurants Canada’s vice president for Ontario, Tracy Macgregor, has been working with the City of Toronto for many months now to advocate for local restaurateurs and communicate the challenges that they are facing.  We welcome this announcement and thank the City of Toronto and Mayor Olivia Chow for their commitment to Toronto’s vibrant restaurant industry.

“Restaurants are not shying away from the challenges presented by the tough economic climate, rather reassessing how to overcome them,” said Macgregor.

“Because of this announcement made yesterday, Restaurants in Toronto are going to see a positive impact in how they operate, welcoming more customers and hiring more staff, all of which is good for business.”

This announcement made by the City of Toronto will support hardworking restaurants as they continue to move forward. Restaurants Canada will continue to advocate on behalf of the industry with the City of Toronto to express our members’ concerns and collaborate on approaches that work for all.