Whitehaven Exceeds Donation Target

Last month, Whitehaven Wine Company relaunched its refreshed Kōparepare wine brand with a commitment to donate to LegaSea 100% of the sales revenue from the first 125 cases sold. LegaSea is a non-profit organisation committed to the protection of New Zealand’s marine environment and relies on the generosity of its partners and members.

Such has been the success of the campaign that Whitehaven will be donating in excess of its initial target.

From a lofty goal of 125 cases, which would have equated to a donation of $25,000, Whitehaven exceeded the case target during the two-week campaign, resulting in an incredible donation of $30,412 to the LegaSea cause.

Fortunately for LegaSea, the gifting from Whitehaven won’t stop here. The family winery will continue to fund the work of LegaSea by donating $1 from every bottle of Kōparepare sold, regardless of where a consumer buys the bottle of Kōparepare wine whether that’s online or through an on or off-premise stockists.

Samantha White, ambassador to the Kōparepare brand and daughter of Whitehaven co-founders Sue and the late Greg White, said that donating the full sales revenue regardless of the initial target is a clear signal of Whitehaven’s intentions to support the LegaSea cause whole-heartedly.

“Being able to donate $25,000 to the LegaSea cause would have been amazing, but to be donating over $30,000 is extraordinary. I am exceptionally proud of the efforts we are going to as a company to show our support for the restoration of oceans, for communities to enjoy,” she expressed and hopes people will continue to purchase the Kōparepare range of wines, to support this important cause.

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