Cossiga’s unique honeycomb cardboard crates are not only very strong, shock resistant and environmentally friendly, but they also turn into a ramp to make delivery easy; just unpack and roll. They know health and safety and are always thinking outside the box on how they can make their offering to you, just the little bit better.


Here are the four easy steps:

1. Place the boxed unit on a level floor area. Remove plywood top cover and put aside. Remove front, side and corner pieces and discard.


2. Unscrew the metal bottom corner brackets from the pallet base and put aside.


3. Place three or four of the corner brackets on a level floor in front of the bottom pallet with the rear of the cabinet facing the ramp. Place the plywood top cover on the floor and corner brackets to form a ramp.


4. Carefully roll the unit off the pallet down the ramp. Two or more people may be required depending on the size of the unit.


Find a visual one-page guide in service info on Cossiga's website at www.cossiga.com.