When Instagram first launched in 2010, it is unlikely that the creators were aware of the impact they would have on the worldwide dessert industry. The influence of image-sharing apps like Instagram and Facebook have meant that the visual element of a dessert is now just as important as the taste – after all, you can’t taste through a computer. Below are four visual dessert trends that are set to take off this summer.


Extravagant icing has been on trend for a while now (think anything unicorn-related) but dessert outlets are starting to strip things back. Naked cakes skip past the thick layer of fondant to go for a more rustic feel. The cakes may be filled instead, or decorated on top with ganache spilling down over the side. While an undecorated cake may not seem like great Instagram fodder, the social media following of New York City’s Momofuku Milk Bar would suggest otherwise.


Originally developed out of Thailand, rolled ice cream is exactly what it claims to be. Liquid ice cream is poured onto a frozen surface which causes it to freeze. In the meantime, the ice cream is being chopped and rolled and flavours added, before being rolled up and placed in a cup with sauce, cream or other toppings.


These are no 50c McDonald’s dessert – soft serve is back in a big way. The versatile ice cream base can open up into left-field flavours like watermelon and corn, purple yam or even pickle. Activated charcoal is another trend that is edging into the dessert market, with black soft-serve an eye-catching contrast to the traditional vanilla.


Pastry traditionalists might not agree with them, but filled croissants are quickly overtaking their more reserved cousins in the world of social media. Much like the doughnut revival, croissants topped with jam, cream or even flavoured like a cake are set to break out in 2019.