Trade Talks | Zoie Bryce

Zoie Bryce is a commercial sales specialist at Waste Management, awarded salesperson of the year for 2022.

Having been trained as a chef, and predominantly worked in hospitality and food service, her background is not in the waste management industry. Winning the title was a surprise for Bryce, but happily noted the team she works with and their hard work.

I am pretty passionate about what I do but I also work with an amazing team around the country who are so inspiring in what they do,” said Bryce.

She admits that waste management was not an industry she was initially interested to work in, but said it is an incredible space to be in. 

“Sustainability is so topical. It’s so important and I love that I feel I can actually make a difference. Every day I can have important conversations that can change the way a business manages its waste, and Waste Management have the ability and innovation to deliver sustainable solutions,” said Bryce.

Bryce joined the industry as a complete accident, having talked to a recruiter and the conversation around saving the planet sparked her interest. After working in male-dominated industries for the best part of her career, it has been refreshing for her to work at Waste Management, which she described as being an equal-opportunity workplace. 

“I have always felt I have a voice, a seat at the table and very well supported,” added Bryce.

Her job entails many different aspects, but Bryce acknowledged that the best part is when the customer fully understands her pitch, which she said is finding their “why”.

“Why they need to be smarter with procurement, with their waste and the difference it makes,” noted Bryce.

“We have finite resources on this planet, I have seen the real effects of climate change with some of my customers and we can not just sit back and do nothing. I truly believe that we can make a difference. We have to.”

Having worked with a number of inspiring individuals at Waste Management, Bryce said that the drivers are the backbone of the business.

“They are the ones out there every day delivering great service to our customers, ensuring the health and safety of the public and without them, I can not do what I do,” acknowledged Bryce.

Bryce said that if she had to offer a piece of advice to her younger self, she would tell her to not be afraid to push back. She said in her industry, the customer is not always right.

“We are the experts in this space and we have to be brave and speak up about what is good practice.”

Her motivation is to reflect on what Waste Management has done to drive the circular economy, and to be leaving the country better off with the “Future Generations” plan that the company has implemented. 

“I am so proud to be part of that and it gets me out of bed every day.”