Tickner’s 13th Stag Café

Blair Tickner, a one-match Black Cap, has put aside his cricket whites for the time being and is replacing it with an apron. Tickner is opening his newest venture, the 13th Stag Café, located at Hawke’s Bay’s new EIT Institute of Sport and Health. Tickner’s new café will be opening on the 1st of July and has a wide range of food and drink available. The menus will look to provide healthy options for both athletes and the general public.

Tickner explained that while he is returning to the Central Districts Stags cricket team for the 2019/2020 season, his new café is a way of expanding his roadside espresso business. The fortuitous timing of Tickner’s new café opening comes as the Black Caps continue their success at the ICC World Cup in England and Wales. Tickner hopes that a mixture of café life and continuous training will help secure his spot in the Black Caps side permanently.