The Future of Foodservice is Here

With the global market for industrial robots growing every year, it comes as no surprise that robots are slowly making their mark in different industries.

Even before the global COVID-19 pandemic, there was talk of robots entering the foodservice industry. The labour market has been historically tight, and automation promised a streamlined, cost-effective approach.

Robots in restaurants aren’t just great at helping human staff, they offer entertainment too. Venues can use robots to draw in new customers who are interested in a unique dining experience. While still relatively new in the New Zealand market, robot waiters are starting to make a real splash.

GREENS INTERNATIONAL GROUP has been in the hospitality industry for more than ten years and G Robotics was formed to exclusively sell Premium Delivery Robots designed and manufactured by Pudu Robotics.

“Becoming innovative in this industry is absolutely key, and we were the first few to introduce hand-held Point of Sale systems at our various restaurants and we were at the forefront in New Zealand to trial the PUDU delivery robots,” noted Jennie Ryken, business development manager at G Robotics.

“With Premium Delivery Robots manufactured by PUDU Robotics, we wanted to experiment with one to see if it was really going to help sustain our business. It ended up being productive and innovative drawing in curious customers. It’s like having an extra one-and-a-half people on board freeing up staff to spend more quality time with customers.”

Many popular restaurant chains around the world, in addition to fast-food chains, are jumping into the world of bots. If not to replace human employees, to lend a big (robotic) hand in the current labour crisis, and for some, maybe beyond. It helps, of course, that a comparison in salary and benefits between man and machine is no contest…

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