Humanised dog food is a booming industry in the United Kingdom. A new pop-up restaurant in London’s Chelsea area has been launched where man’s best friend can dig in to a three-course brunch of venison sausages and beefy brown rice, chicken and lamb ‘barkenberg’ loaf, and a sweet potato and peanut butter macaron, for just £30.

Gourmet dog dinners are a growing market for animal owners to serve pet food that is similar to the human menu. Fast food chain Shake Shack has incorporated a dog menu into its offering so that pooches can dig into Pooch-ini, dog biscuits with peanut butter sauce and vanilla custard, all while you are eating a burger and fries. According to consumer research, 20 percent of UK animal owners would cut back on their own meals before skimping on their pets’ dinner. Dog birthday cakes made from free range eggs, organic wholemeal flour, untreated honey and vegetable and flax-seed oil are gaining popularity in the UK. Pet health is also a driving factor with the trend.

Lisa Morton, co-founder of Woof & brew that produces herbal tea bags for dogs believes that the demand has seen an increase alongside the demand for health human herbal teas.