Supporting Local Through All Alert Levels

The innovative heart of hospitality is back at it again this lockdown, supporting its local hospitality community.

Bohemian Bakery Christchurch

Many venues have swiftly adapted their offerings, learning from last year, to cater to the changing needs of their customers and Burns & Ferrall have been right there with them, providing the essentials from economical food packaging made with delivery in mind, to all the cleaning products you need to keep your staff and customers safe.

The opportunity to provide a takeaway or home delivery solution to local communities is a welcome relief to many hungry diners who are keen to support their favourite eateries the best way they know how, by placing orders.

Burns & Ferrall have you covered for your takeaway and delivery needs with their Fast Food & Packaging Guide.

But first, Brunch!

It’s Spring and that should be celebrated, pandemic or not. Spring into the warmer months with up to 50% off, check out the brochure here.

Burns & Ferrall are focussed on getting you Back to Business as soon as possible. Specialising in Food Service & Safety, Fast Food & Packaging, Washroom & Sanitisation and Cleaning Equipment & Chemicals, the team at Burns & Ferrall have put together these simple checklists, check them out here.

Kia Kaha New Zealand, stay kind, we can get through this together.