Health conscious consumers will be flocking to The Unbakery to down the latest superfood trend – the Super Coffee. The espresso is blended with reishi, codyceps, mucana, spices, orange and house-made coconut cashew milk. Designed to give an immunity boost, stress relief and increase mental clarity the Super Coffee options use certified fair trade organic Kokako beans. Customers will also have the option of a Little Bird Flat Black, a long black with coconut oil and coconut butter. Renowned for helping to sustain energy throughout the day rather than enjoying a short-lived caffeine hit, plus it is a great liver aid.

Other coffee menu items include Golden Coffee, Mocha Maca Mug, Turkish Delight. New smoothie options include Iced Matcha Milkshake, Detoxifying Greens, Tumeric Colada, Caramel Maca Banana Milkshake, Strawberry Goji Nut Milk, Creamy Wild Weeds, and Mocha Protein.