Skills Shortage Addressed By Careers Expo

A two-month tour of the nation will see the Go with Tourism Expo, in partnership with NZ Careers Expo, visit five cities and inspire tens of thousands of Kiwis.

The Go with Tourism Expo – New Zealand’s only dedicated careers expo for the Tourism and Hospitality industry – kicks off its nationwide tour tomorrow in Christchurch as a three-day event to inspire a new generation of Tourism and Hospitality workers.

With industry professionals, employers and educators on-site, students and job seekers can discover their next step from a range of opportunities such as work experience, job vacancies and tertiary study.

The Go with Tourism Expo is an annual event delivered by Go with Tourism – a government-funded initiative to build New Zealand’s Tourism and Hospitality workforce. It launched in 2019 to address the growing skills shortage when a predicted 40,000 Tourism workers were needed by 2025.

As well as showcasing the exciting and viable career pathways available in the industry, the main objective of the Expo is to break down negative perceptions about Tourism and Hospitality work.

“Despite being a billion-dollar industry for New Zealand and employing some of our highest paid people, Tourism work is often snubbed by the average person. In our schools it’s looked down on because it is not an achievement standard subject,” commented Matt Stenton, Programme Director of Go with Tourism.

“The problem is that people associate this work with frontline jobs only. They forget that every industry has entry-level roles that you eventually move on from, and they don’t know that in our industry you can progress quickly and find success sooner. By showcasing success, separating fact from fiction, and demonstrating how wide-ranging Tourism and Hospitality careers are, we hope our expos can help change the narrative.”

Four out of ten Tourism jobs were lost in the past year because of COVID-19; however, due to the recent bubble with Australia and domestic tourism doing better than ever, the Tourism and Hospitality industry now needs new talent to fill hundreds of available roles.

The Go with Tourism Job Search Hub has featured more than 770 vacancies in the past year, but it has proven difficult to get Kiwis to apply for these roles.

“This situation exposes how reliant our industry is on migrant and visa workers when Kiwis don’t want the jobs that migrants will happily take,” continued Stenton.

“It’s another reason why it’s so important for us to remedy negative perceptions within New Zealand.”

The Go with Tourism Expo will visit five cities over the next two months:

Visitors are asked to register in advance to make entry into the Expo quicker and easier. It is free to attend.

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