Winestate Magazine has named Church Road Winery’s winemaker Chris Scott New Zealand Winemaker of the Year 2016 for the second time in four years, having also taken out this sought-after title in 2013.
A trophy duo was awarded to Church Road McDonald Series Syrah 2014 with the Syrah/Shiraz of the Year Trophy and New Zealand Wine of the Year Trophy for this stunning wine.

Scott has been crafting award-winning wines for sixteen years at Church Road Winery in Hawke’s Bay with the support of an outstanding viticulture and winemaking team, and he has a passion for Chardonnay and red blend winemaking, a dedication to his craft and a commitment to quality wine-making.

“We have a fantastic tight-knit team in Hawke’s Bay in both our vineyards and the winery, all of whom contribute greatly to the success of Church Road,” said Scott. “This award is very much a reflection of our collective skills, passion, knowledge and experience, and I very happily accept this on behalf of them all.”

The Winestate New Zealand Winemaker of the Year award is given to the individual who achieves the highest score from the top 10 different wines judged throughout the year.