Scarily Good Coffee

photo credit: Monster Coffee Roasters

Business partners Nancy Alvarez and Shannon Smith are slaying the caffeine scene with their new Monster Coffee Roasters brand.

The two women launched their company in Long Beach, California, earlier this year, hoping to make quality coffee more fun, inclusive and affordable.

One way they’re pursuing their goals is by ditching espresso in favour of cold and manual brews.

Alvarez said they do not use an espresso machine, nor do they ever plan to. She and Smith hope to highlight coffee's authentic origins and how the rest of the world drinks coffee.

Alvarez grew up in El Salvador. She remembers seeing coffee farms and all the manual labour that goes into its production and processes. She does not remember espresso, though. It doesn't showcase the flavour of the coffee, says Alvarez, and is inaccessible due to its complexity and price.

Monster Coffee currently roasts its beans on equipment owned by Temecula Coffee Roasters. The bagged whole and ground beans are then sold online and at pop-up events at Long Beach, where Monster Coffee also produces its cold brew.

Despite the social and financial challenges facing the two women, Alvarez and Smith are focusing on being smart with the resources they have at hand.

Alvarez believes every coffee shop follows the same template and lacks personality. She hopes Monster Coffee can change that by highlighting diversity, creativity and personality.