In response to recent media coverage that parts of the Christchurch CBD have the highest rate of violent incidents in the country for any urban area, bars along the St Asaph St hospitality zone are doing everything they can to keep people safe.

The Christchurch CBD is only just getting back on its feet with a vibrant nightlife, re-emerging five years after the Canterbury earthquakes,” according to Tracy Scott, general manager operations and advocacy for Hospitality NZ.

“Owners and operators have invested millions in rebuilding the hospitality sector in the city and the last thing they want is for the area to be deemed unsafe or unpleasant to be in.”

“Such is the desire by St Asaph Street licensees to keep punters safe, an Alcohol Accord has been set up. And it isn’t just about monitoring the consumption of alcohol, it also includes the little things like staff regularly cleaning gutters and making sure footpaths have been looked after outside each venue during the night.”

Licensees have worked collaboratively with some agencies and interested parties on a safe street initiative that will get underway soon. This effort includes the introduction of Street Safe Officers who will be the go-between with Security staff, Bar Duty Managers, Taxi Services, Police and Patrons.