Recovering After Extreme Weather

Many things are going through a business owner's mind when navigating the aftermath of extreme weather events. has some advice and critical points to consider. 


Your people's health, safety and security should be the number one concern, above and beyond business operations. If it is unsafe to work, do not require staff to do so and keep communicating with them. 

The Early Resolution phone service provides free advice if you have employment issues.


Banks are offering several assistance measures that businesses can apply for: temporary business overdrafts, deferred credit card payments and relief options for loans. Talk to your bank to see what options are available. 

Insurance Claims

Business insurance can cover everything from damage to premises, lost or damaged stock, equipment or goods owned by others and vehicles. Insurance can also cover business interruption and loss of profit. Register claims as soon as you can.

Mental health and wellbeing

First Steps provides free services for anyone feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Anyone can call or text 1737 for support from a trained counsellor, lifeline on 0800 5430354 or 4357 and Samaritans on 0800 726 666.


The IRD is aware of the current situation and won’t be chasing people right now. Contact them if you have been affected and let them know what would help you - removing penalties and interest, pay instalments etc. 


Get in touch with tenants and ensure they are safe, then discuss the damages to the property. As a landlord, you are responsible for paying for repairs. Some buildings may also require qualified inspections depending on the damage. 

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