Golden Heart Turmeric drink is made up as a concentrated paste from only certified organic products, that is easily added to milk to create Golden Milk. It is based on an old Ayurvedic remedy commonly used to treat many ailments.

The difference between Golden Heart and other turmeric drinks on the market is that it is organic, a paste, vegan-friendly and free of gluten, dairy, sugar and caffeine.

Their special recipe involves heating the turmeric with pepper and coconut oil to make the curcumin (the main active ingredient in turmeric) more bio-available. Golden Heart only uses ceylon cinnamon, free of the toxic coumarin found in cheaper cinnamon products.

Easy to make, just add a teaspoon of Golden Heart Turmeric drink paste into a cup of milk, warming to drinking temperature. It can also be added to coffee and hot chocolate, used to add delicious flavour to smoothies, stews, curry, soups or even spread on sandwiches. There are approximately 40 servings per jar. To order, email goldenheartdrinks@gmail.com or visit www.goldenheartdrinks.com.