As more consumers stay home and practice social distancing, pizza chains are expected to see a surge in business. Pizza chains the world over need staff, particularly delivery drivers, New Zealand is no exception.

Hell Pizza said the Government's self-isolation requirements and people working from home meant demand for contactless delivery was more than doubling every day.

"Last night, the number of deliveries was up 29 per cent on last week," Hell chief executive Ben Cumming said.

The high demand for contactless delivery has prompted Hell Pizza to launch a recruitment campaign for more drivers.

Looking at job recruitment sites there are many jobs listed for delivery drivers across the country. On 12 of the first 15 jobs listed were for pizza places, including Hell, Dominos and independents from Waitakere to Wellington, and this was only on the first page.

If you are a hospitality worker whose hours have dropped due to the impact of coronavirus check out your local pizza place and apply.