Today’s tips cover how to help ease customer and staff anxiety.

Keep Communication Open

In uncertain times it is important to keep the lines of communication between employer and employees, and between business and customers open and transparent.

Talk to your employees and come up with a plan together. Make sure your employees are aware of the steps you are taking as an employer at every step of the way. Your employees need to have confidence in their employer, stress and anxiety are known to lower the immune system which no-one needs right now.

Clearly state to customers with posts on social media platforms and signage outside, in and around your premises what measures you are taking to help keep them safe.

Keep Up to Date with Information and Advice

It is important to use educational material from trusted sources such as the Ministry of Health and WHO (the World Health Organisation). Check these websites every day for updates, then share this information with your staff and customers.

The Restaurant Association of New Zealand is keeping its website up to date with information from the Ministry of Health and the government. They are a great resource for the foodservice industry, take a look at their advice here:

Remember, knowledge is power.

Ease Customer Anxiety

Communicate openly with your customers. Most consumers want to keep supporting their local cafés, restaurants and bars so communicate with them about how they can.

If you are a pub or bar that usually plays television or radio, switch it from a news channel to play sports or music. Make your establishment a haven for customers, somewhere they can feel comfortable and stress-free.

Invite ideas from your community and customers, help them feel empowered by letting them communicate to you what they want and need, they may think of something you haven’t.

Easing anxiety with open communication and reputable knowledge will go a great way towards customer and staff loyalty in the long run. It is vital to implement these ideas now to help your business weather the storm.

Stay tuned for more tips, including menu ideas, delivery options, and advice from around the globe.

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