Paymark figures show rosy Valentine’s Day

Figures released by Paymark show that spending at restaurants and cafés saw a 23 percent spike on Valentine’s Day, compared to the day before.

Darren Hopper, head of e-commerce, digital experience and marketing at Paymark said spending on loved ones doesn’t go out of style.

“Our figures suggest Valentine’s Day was again full of romance. People increased their spending on the day. They wined and dined and they exchanged flowers and jewellery. They even put aside time to give to strangers,” he said – there was increase in spending on charities, up 4 percent on the week previously.

Other big winners included taxis (29 percent increase), music stores (23 percent increase), gift stores (18 percent increase), liquor (24 percent increase), book stores (9 percent increase) and motels (15 percent increase).