Partners with Perfect Synergy can Save Your Business $20,000!

Leander Cadbury, Director, London & International Business at Synergy Grill Technology recently touched down in New Zealand to catch up with Stoddart, Synergy’s exclusive Kiwi importer and distributor, a trip almost three years in the making having been delayed by the pandemic and New Zealand’s closed boarders.

Leander Cadbury

After starting his career in investment banking, Cadbury left that world to help grow the innovation and manufacturing business which has pioneered the world’s most advanced commercial char grill.

“In the same way that there have been great advances in other categories of foodservice equipment, such as modern combi ovens, at Synergy we are doing that to the category of char grills and flat-top griddles,” he explained.

“Of all the main categories of equipment in any modern kitchen, whether it’s a ghost kitchen, QSR, fine dining, whatever, the technology for char grills has been the same for the last 50 years. Every chef knows that the grill is that dirty, messy, unreliable bit of kit that’s got hot and cold spots, takes skilled labour to use and heavy labour to clean. Synergy Grills takes those hassles out of the equation.”

Innovator and Chairman, Justin Cadbury developed the ground-breaking technology of the perfect fuel-efficient burner to be used for the new generation of fat atomising gas grills, producing better quality food at lower energy costs than ever before. Synergy Grills were developed in partnership with chefs over many years with particular emphasis on global development and sustainability and a focus on robustness and energy efficiency to meet today’s environmental goals.

For Cadbury and the team, one of the main goals was to reduce unnecessary labour.

“The simplicity of Synergy Grills is not there to remove the magic or artistry of a chef. Instead, we’re reducing the time being spent on cleaning and managing the equipment while making it easy to train someone to use. This allows chefs time to expand menu development, improve consistency, all while saving a restaurant typically $20,000 a year in running costs.”

Taking the time to get things right was also important to Synergy.

“We had the product 80 to 90 percent of the way there about 10 years ago and since then we’ve worked closely with top chefs as well as QSR chains and contract caterers to really refine and develop it, making it as robust and reliable as an SUV while being as fast and competent as a sports car.”

Why Synergy Grills are Like No Other

Synergy Grill has patented award-winning technology designed around its gas burner system.
This works at incredibly hot temperatures yet uses an average of 59 percent less gas than a standard grill.

The HSE paper DW/172- ventilation in catering kitchens states how vapourising grills require 22 percent to 25 percent less extraction. (Synergy Grill is the only vapourising grill on the market).

An additional benefit is that Synergy Grills reduce the amount of grease that pass through the ventilation system, so they require less cleaning. In fact, many customers say, they halved the number of duct cleans required after installing a Synergy Grill.

Synergy Grills are also kinder to food and will not cinder food the way other grills can. Yet they still gently smoke the food giving you an incredible flavour whilst giving clear contrasting bar-marks.

Because the grill atomises fat, natural oils are returned to the food, providing continual self-basting. Through this cooking method, less moisture is lost during the cooking process, giving you more succulent food, and boasting 50 percent less shrinkage than a standard grill.

Simply the Best Steaks

Synergy has been the grill of choice for the prestigious World Steak Challenge since the competition began in 2015.

“Synergy Grills has worked with us at the World Steak Challenge since it began. The rigorous preparation and judging process means we need consistency of delivery and an even distribution of heat across the entire cooking surface. Every year the team of judges compliment us on the quality of our chosen grills and therefore we had no hesitation in selecting Synergy Grills once again this year,” noted Lorraine Hendle, Managing Director of the World Steak Challenge.

Cadbury explained that the World Steak Challenge is the ultimate competition for steak producers and suppliers to showcase their product quality and breed credentials on the international stage.

“To have Synergy selected as the grill of choice by the organisers is a real honour and a testament to how it consistently brings out the best results in every cut of meat in a quick and sustainable way.”

Synergy Grill Technology has also won a slew of awards for innovation and sustainability, including the 2020 and 2021 Energy Efficiency Award at the annual Footprint Awards.

With pioneering, award-winning technology that is revolutionising the hospitality industry, Synergy chose Stoddart as its exclusive importer and distributor in New Zealand.

“It sounds silly, but with Stoddart’s deep understanding of and experience with the Kiwi hospitality and foodservice sectors, and their desire to be at the forefront of innovative technology, it’s a partnership in perfect synergy with who we are as a company.”

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