image001 (3)Established in April 2002, Venerdi started making only certified organic products including spelt biscotti selling at farmers markets, which was quickly followed by the addition of spelt bread. After receiving an overwhelming response the company soon sold into organic food shops and later Foodstuffs supermarkets.

Integrating a second offering of gluten free bread became the core part of the business over the following years and the range has grown and developed to include many types of bread, pizza bases and buns. “It is such a great business to have,” said Tim Grainger, CEO of Venerdi.

“Seeing so many people benefit from our products every day, and everyday we are furthering our desire to provide the best nutritional health to as many people as possible. We are proud to have a 100 percent gluten free factory and passionate about baking bread with organic ingredients.”

Venerdi currently employs over 50 staff and are growing rapidly. “Everyday we are finding new opportunities in both Australia and New Zealand and are excited to continue to develop new and innovative bread products while maintaining our high gluten free and organic standards.”

The company has extended its offering once again this year with the addition of its Paleo bread for foodservice. Venerdi supply gluten-free pizza bases, wraps and buns to several major QSR chains in Australia and New Zealand. To get your free sample loaves contact Ania on or 09 813 5481.