Cossiga: Taking on the World

Following their strategy of becoming a truly global brand, Cossiga is proud to announce the opening of their new food display cabinet manufacturing facility in China.

Based in Foshan Guangdong, the new facility operates under the Lean Kaizen manufacturing philosophy. This has resulted in a culture dedicated to continuous improvement and underpins Cossiga’s commitment to ensuring their products are world-class. Having their own plant in China allowed Cossiga to handpick a team of local experts with a strong background and special skills in food equipment manufacturing.

Cossiga has designed its manufacturing operation to allow for maximum production-line flexibility. This enables the operations team to easily switch between models that considerably reduce manufacturing lead times. According to Grant Horne, Cossiga’s international sales director, “the opening of our own manufacturing facility and the recent completion of CE certification, allows Cossiga to access large international markets with stronger business credentials.”

The United Kingdom plays a key part in Cossiga’s growth strategy for 2015/16, where they are currently establishing a dealer and service support network. The Café and Convenience sectors are very similar to New Zealand and Australia, but it is the outright share size of the British market that makes it very exciting for Cossiga. “Taking our brand to the next level on the international stage has always been our goal,” said Tim Rillstone, Cossiga’s director and general manager.

“Having our own plant in China opens a new door, and enables us to take control of all aspects of the Cossiga business, from design and manufacturing to global distribution.

“Now we can confidently meet the needs of our rapidly growing new markets as well as enhancing our competitive edge in established markets such as New Zealand and Australia.” Rillstone is very enthusiastic about Cossiga’s ability to deliver successfully on the international stage.

“Everything we do is about ensuring Cossiga’s global growth, while still adhering to our core mission of offering innovative design, world-class quality, friendly, practical and effective service at a great competitive price.”

These are exciting times for Cossiga, a New Zealand company applying kiwi ingenuity and know-how to make food look great, all over world.