There is plenty of reasons why Minor Figures’ Cold Brews have been a hit in the US and UK, taking home ‘Most Innovative Product’ at this year’s London Coffee Festival. Unlike the typical ready-to-drink iced coffees, made with coffee powder, short-lasting and sold in beer or medicine bottles, these cold brews appeal to health conscious consumers and foodies. The product is ethically sourced and brewed for 18 hours. It comes in two flavours, both contained in a grab-and-go 250 ml Tetrapak that can be kept in ambient storage. ‘Straight Black’ is made with Ethiopian single-origin coffee and lasts for up to 12 months, whilst its white variant, ‘Cold Brew Coffee & Organic Milk’, features a Brazilian and Sumatran craft blend and has a 9-month shelf life. For more information, contact The Best Beverage Company on 021 595 879.