Bootleggers specialises in handcrafted sodas, using only the finest natural and locally sourced ingredients. With three new products on the market, the latest addition to its range is no exception.
A combination of fresh Hawke’s Bay lemons and lime, homegrown herbs and exotic spice, Bootleggers Lemon, Lime and Bitters will help cool off the summer heat. The new Tonic Water, for its part, is a perfect partner for prime gins, whereas the Club Soda can either be mixed with other drinkables or consumed as a standalone beverage.
Besides being crafted by hand, Bootleggers’ tonic is fairtrade, an exclusive for bar mixers that marks a new approach from both the brand and the industry at large. “We are proud to play a supporting role for the communities and cultures we work within, which is why on our bottles you’ll find the words, ‘smuggled for the people’. It’s a statement for the support we give, but also the sentiment we create in our audience, letting them that a local alternative to the bigger players is here,” said Bootleggers’ co-founder James Cooper.