No More “Do You Have A Loyalty Card?”

Meebz Coffee Roaster has replaced physical loyalty cards with a digital loyalty app.

"This negates the need for a physical loyalty card, and allows the customer to track their purchases and store free coffee's on the database," said Michael Tan, owner of Meebz.

Tan decided to go digital for many reasons including efforts to reduce paper by minimising business cards, loyalty cards, and brochures.

"From a practical perspective, it's a no brainer," Tan remarked, "giving customers the ability to track every coffee purchase without having to remember or store a physical loyalty card."

The app is used by customers through an iPad at the counter, where they can 'stamp' their card.

"We're a small business, and we know a lot of our customer's by name. We operate the app on a trust/fair basis," said Tan. "If we have a customer that we haven't seen before with three free coffee's stored on the system, we'll start to raise some questions.

"So far, we've been fortunate enough to not have this issue."

Over 99 percent of customers who use a loyalty card now use the app, said Tan. It's easy and requires no effort.

"Gone are the days of having stacks of loyalty cards.

"We still retain physical loyalty cards for those who don't enjoy using the app though."

This app is available for Meebz's cafe partners to use in their establishments.