Meet the Food Truck: Churros Olé!

After a 20-year teaching career, Tim and Annie Lucas decided to venture into the food industry with their food truck business, Churros Olé! Switching the working week for the weekends, the duo has not looked back. 

The owners pride themselves on a menu of simplicity. 

“Every culture has these fantastic little culinary gems, the good, simple, honest food of the people, and for the Spanish, it’s churros,” explained Lucas. 

Churros, which date back to the 13th century, with their textural juxtaposition of crispness and chew, have become a modern treat to New Zealanders. However, it is not prevalent that traditional churros are dipped in hot chocolate. At Churros Olé! you can expect to find their signature velvety Spanish Drinking Chocolate or Dulce de Leche.  

If that’s not enough to excite you, the truck takes advantage of Otago’s regional produce. Depending on the season, it provides a new flavour of dipping sauce to accompany the churros, such as the Summer Raspberry Sauce, which has become an addition to the menu after its popularity. 

Churros Olé! tend to move on all sides of Canterbury, Central Otago and Southland regions. Being Dunedin found and operated, they can be found at the Otago Museum during the week or at the beach on weekends. 

“We are excited by the many opportunities opening up to us, and we look forward to expanding more permanently to other regions."