Meet the Baker: Jodeci Nolan, Hello Bliss Cheesecakes

Jodeci Nolan launched herself into her own baking business by chance after becoming a mother. Dropping her nutritionist education to make ends meet, Nolan followed the social media food business trend to make ends meet and became a success. She has impressively balanced the roles of motherhood and the food business in all its imaginable demands at just the age of twenty-five. 

“It’s been a long, hard road. Those who have spent time in a kitchen will understand the long hours, no breaks, dragging my son, now two, to supply runs, deliveries, baking around their naps,” explained Nolan.

“All of that mum juggle, but in the end, everything came to fruition thanks to my little champs. I’ve also had to teach myself absolutely everything as I have no background in baking or business, but honestly, it’s been a lot of fun.”

Nolan began baking in 2018 when she was first pregnant with her son Hunter as a means to satisfy the classic cravings. It wasn’t until she was encouraged to sell her baked goods on social media that she decided to focus on baked cheesecakes. Surprisingly, the trending baking social world had not snapped up the idea. The prospect for Nolan was initially intimidating. After some research, she found her space in the market, and within the comfort of staying at home with her son, Hello Bliss Cheesecakes was born.  

“Having an identity besides being a mum, something to be passionate about and a creative outlet is what attracted me at first, and then I was like, okay, I am actually quite good at this.”

For Nolan, it is the creative outlet she can sink into that makes it all well worth it and the feeling of having customers come to her door or message her via Instagram about how much they enjoy her cheesecake. Baked cheesecakes touch the taste buds more uniquely than classic cheesecakes due to their contrasting textures of crunchiness and creaminess. 

Not only does Nolan supply the luxurious experience of homemade baked cheesecakes her taste in flavours is desirably unconventional. Her cake bottom cheesecakes include carrot cake and banana cake in an aesthetically pleasing layering that is visually and gastronomically stimulating.

Hello Bliss Cheesecakes is set to continue experimenting with creating innovative flavours and combinations in hopes of opening her physical cheesecake shop.