Meet the baker: Ashley and Marco Wang, shallow

The Shallow Bakery and Café in Hamilton Central is known for its stunning array of signature desserts and sweet treats.

Having only opened the café four years ago, owners Ashley and Marco Wang say the initial plan was to be a more traditional approach to what we would know a café to be.

“Before, she was a chef in a café, and I was a support worker. The original plan was to open a café and make the same things like everyone else, but since Ashley has the skill which she learned in China, we decided to open a dessert café.”

Due to taking up cooking in the past few years, Marco Wang admits that he had to adapt quickly to his new hobby as he only started when the café had opened.

Coming off the back of a turbulent few years for the hospitality sector, Marco Wang declared that the most rewarding aspect of his job is overcoming each and every baking puzzle.

As with every café, Shallow have their specialist items on the menu, although they say that all their products are pretty special.

“The meat floss roll is the most unique one compared to the other options on the menu, which is a big piece of flat bread rolled up with the shredded pork, plus the house made mayonnaise to top it off.”

Although they say that there are no future goals in mind, they are happy with how things are going for them in the current moment.