Joe Maddon and Tony Mantuano unveil restaurant plans

Chicago Cubs manager, Joe Maddon is teaming up with award-winning chef, Tony Mantuano to unveil a new restaurant, ‘Maddon’s Post’. Maddon’s Post is said to be opening this spring as a part of Gallagher Way, a park in front of Wrigley Field, the Cubs’ home pitch.

Mantuano is a James Beard Award-winning chef who specialises in Italian food. Between Mantuano and Maddon, the restaurant is said to bring a combination of their Italian and Polish roots to the modern-day diner. The food is supposed to bring a nostalgic feel to first-generation Italians/Poles. In addition to Mantuano, Aaron Thebault will act as executive chef and Mantuano’s restaurant, Spiaggia is providing their sommelier, Rachael Lowe.

The Chicago Cubs have a turbulent history; we hope that Maddon’s Post garners a more consistent following.