During late spring, South Island fields come to life with the golden flowers of premium “high oleic’ GE free rapeseed. Once harvested we cold press the precious oil using No Chemicals and No Heat. The oil retains its fresh sunshine flavour and its high nutritional quality delivering a pure rich golden oil that complements food without overpowering.

The Good Oils high stable monounsaturated fat content, freshness & quality provide heat stability and a high smoke point making it the ideal oil for frying, roasting and baking. Deliciously golden in colour with a delicate mild nutty taste, the Good Oil is the natural choice for vibrant dressings, dips and marinades.

The Good Oil New Zealand Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil, Proudly South Island Grown and Cold Pressed, now available to the foodservice sector in larger capacities.  For more information contact Kristie on 03 928 1736, email or visit www.thegoodoilnz