In an age where health awareness is all the rage, New Zealanders still regularly consume fast food. Research conducted by Nielsen’s Consumer and Media Insights revealed that 80 per cent of New Zealanders have consumed fast food in the last month, with 27 per cent having eaten fast food more than five times. Fish and chips continues to be the national favourite, with 1.7 million Kiwis having had the traditional greasy meal in the last month.

McDonald’s is the closest contender for the top spot, followed by KFC. Both fast food giants spent $51 million on advertising in the last two years, with McDonald’s showing a growth of 6 per cent and KFC a growth of 13 per cent.

Millennials are the greatest consumers of fast food, with over 90 per cent having consumed in the last month. Collectively, this age bracket spends $33 million per month. However, these are not always your standard burger lovers – 20 per cent of millennials consider themselves ‘food connoisseurs’.