Factory Ceramics, based on Waiheke, are designers and manufacturers of custom-made tableware. Peter Baigent and Kristy Anderson have been in the ceramics field for over 20 years and have supplied many local businesses, from cafes and restaurants to vineyards such as Te Motu, Tantalus and Brick Bay. The pair use their work as an opportunity to enhance the character of the place and the food. Their latest range, Whitestone, contains very fine white china clay which is mined in Matauri Bay. Black and white sand are mixed into the clay, creating a speckled rock-like exterior, which is then juxtaposed with a silky satin glaze on the outside. Customers will appreciate the handmade nature, rustic textures and soft muted colours. For more information visit www.factoryceramics.co.nz or phone 09 3722663.