A group of Sunshine Coast entrepreneurs are sick of having to spend an arm and a leg to enjoy an espresso martini. Shane Nettleton, Dave Nelson and Marko Pavasovic have created Bondi Espresso Martini, a bottled version of the classic cocktail.

“We saw a lot of people drinking espresso martinis out in the market and what we noticed is when you go from place to place, or even with the same place, the product can be quite different and it isn’t always great,” said Nettleton. “When you’re paying $20 for a drink you want it to be good, so we saw a bit of a gap in the market for a consistent, well-priced product.”

The trio are no strangers to the alcohol market – in 2016 their low-sugar, electrolyte-filled Vodka Plus was hugely successful, and are now in talks with US distributors and retailers in Australia to see their product on the shelves.