Employment Sats: December 2022

All industries were down for the number of jobs filled in December 2022. A total decrease of 0.1 percent saw 2.32 million jobs filled. Primary industries were down 3.4 percent, goods-producing sectors were down 0.6 percent, and service industries were almost unchanged. 

The number of jobs filled per region saw an increase in many centres. Auckland was up 1.9 percent, Canterbury was up 2.7 percent, Waikato was up 2.0 percent, Wellington was up 1.1 percent, and the Bay of Plenty was up 1.7 percent.

There was a significant increase in jobs filled for the 15-19 year old age group. When compared to 2021, filled positions were up 12.5 percent. Likely due to the summer holidays and seasonal employment. This was followed by the 65 and over age group, which saw an increase of 7.6 percent in filled jobs.

Gross earnings for the December 2022 month were $14.5 billion, compared to $14 billion in December 2021.

The number of registered enterprises rose by 7,653 in December from November. There were 10,797 entries to the Stats NZ business register and 3,144 exits.