Nominations for Restaurant Association’s Rangatahi Leadership Group Now Open

Restaurant Association of New Zealand is actively seeking nominations and self-nominations for the role of chairperson for their Rangtahi Leadership group.

The group is part of the Restaurant Association's Engaging Rangatahi Initiative, which aims to connect and actively engage the next generation with the hospitality industry.

The leader of the rangatahi/youth group will be responsible for the administration and facilitation of Rangatahi meetings, setting the agenda and helping the group prioritise its goals.

To support their mission of ensuring a diverse hospitality industry and building a future for the next generation of hospitality professionals, the Restaurant Association of New Zealand has debuted its Engaging Rangatahi initiative.

The ideal candidate will be self-motivated, passionate about hospitality and committed to encouraging the next generation of the industry.

To apply, visit the Restaurant Association website and click the "Apply Here" button at the bottom of the page.