Customers Want It Simple

Your guests want three things from their food: they want to know what’s in it, they want nothing artificial, and they want it to taste delicious. The growing demand for transparency has changed the way guests order at restaurants. That’s why we make it simple to give guests what they want. Lamb Weston House Cuts® Simple Recipe Fries are made with just three ingredients – potatoes, oil and sea salt – to deliver house-made taste, simply. And every case can be traced back to its roots.

Three simple ingredients

Just potatoes, expeller-pressed canola oil and sea salt. That’s all Lamb Weston needs to make great fries. And we don’t use any additives or preservatives (and the oil provides a more neutral flavour for more potato taste!) helping you better satisfy guests.

House-made appearance

Our fries have a natural shape and colour variation to deliver an authentic hand-cut look all year. They also offer more consistent length and a higher yield – up to 36% more servings* vs. fresh-cut back-of-house fries.

Share your fry story

With, operators can hear from the farmers behind their fries, and share the story with guests through customizable merchandising.

At Lamb Weston, we see possibilities in potatoes. Founded in 1950 as a small family business, we’re now one of the world’s leading suppliers of frozen potato products. We’re committed to safety and quality, being good stewards of the land, and enriching our communities.

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