Two buildings are set for demolition on Waimate’s main street, with plans being laid for a new restaurant to occupy the premises of the former Waimate Hotel. The projects are being funded by Waimate Property Holdings.

The fate of the buildings at 45 and 49 Queen St were voted on by district councillors on Tuesday, with other buildings already earmarked for demolition to make way for a medical centre.

The demolition of 45 and 49 Queen Street would make space for a courtyard at the adjoining Waimate Hotel, which closed its doors a few months ago. WPH are in the process of looking for tenants to occupy the space, which they envision being a restaurant. The new courtyard will provide shelter and an extra dining space for the new establishment, which they hope to have open by next year.

Waimate Mayor Craig Rowley said that he was pleased that "putting back into the community to revitalise the main street.”

"This is something that has been recognised by council as it's about trying to make the main street a more vibrant business area."