Roundpizza holds a unique share in the market with their proprietary processes, highly automated facility, and the absence of chemical improver or artificial enzymes and compounds in its recipes. Marco Canegallo, managing director of Roundpizza, said, “Our product truly comes from the Italian tradition of pizza making and our processes, even if they are industrial, allow us great flexibility in terms of changing the recipe or product manufacturing in a short space of time.”

Canegallo and his business partner, Ferruccio, a Swiss/Italian professional investor, initially had the idea to build a factory that can manufacture frozen pizza dough for professional use around six years ago. They started building the factory in January of 2015 and finished up the construction just over a year later. In August of 2016, they completed their first commercial production, that was then shipped to Japan. The latest production line for frozen parbaked pizza bases and pizzas is a new addition and has been commissioned in March of this year.

“Our facility is a state-of-the-art production facility that has been designed with the highest industry standards in mind for food processing. This will help us get our products into the most difficult markets, including China and Japan. Some of the technologies we have used are unique to New Zealand,” said Canegallo.

The Roundpizza range includes 20 different recipes for frozen dough, something they continue to develop and refine. Working closely with Mauri NZ, Roundpizza has managed to develop a new flour that has helped them to expand their range, as well.

Roundpizza sells two main types of products: frozen doughs and parbaked frozen pizza bases and pizzas. The frozen doughs are intended for foodservice, and are a highly customisable product. “We can manufacture these to any portion weight, from 80 grams to one kilogram in at least 20 different recipes.” While most of them have been developed to specific requirements for particular clients, there are plenty that are available to any customer. The second line, the parbaked goods, are both for foodservice and retail. Roundpizza has developed around a dozen different variants, and continue to work on more. “In both cases, the selection of ingredients is the key factor to manufacture products which are truly coming from the Italian tradition,” said Canegallo. “We use only flour manufactured in New Zealand from prime Australian and Canadian wheat; we do not use chemical improver; we do not use artificial enzymes; we do not use artificial colours or flavourings. We believe that simple is better.”

“Our products are intended to make chefs and kitchen staffs’ lives easier without compromising on quality. Our product guarantees superior quality, easy handling, and a simple process, which allows anyone with just a few days of training, to produce great Italian pizza with incredible consistency on the product.”