Cooking Up Something New

The popular Tuesday Test Kitchen series at acclaimed restaurant Sid at The French Café is back and promising to delight diners once again in 2023.

Still known as the Gaggenau Tuesday Test Kitchen, the restaurant’s collaboration with the premium German kitchen appliance brand Gaggenau continues. This very special dining occasion offers up a tantalising taste from all three of chef Sid Sahrawat’s restaurants – Sid at the French Café, Cassia, and newcomer KOL, which opened in late October.

The degustation format remains, with a six-course tasting menu, plus canapes to start. Two innovative dishes will be presented from each of the three restaurants - modern Indian cuisine (Cassia), contemporary New Zealand cuisine (Sid at The French Café), and Indian-influenced cuisine cooked over fire, from the most recent addition to the Sahrawats’ stable, KOL.

Photograph by Babiche Martens.

The Test Kitchen concept launched in 2020 and was originally designed for Sahrawat and his chefs to push the boundaries of flavour while innovating new dishes in a relaxed format. The dinner is ideal for those keen to enjoy a little off-menu cuisine and see how the dishes are prepared.

Sahrawat said the Test Kitchen concept has proven popular for groups, as well as couples wanting to experience something a little different.

“We’ve been really pleased that, three years on, there is still huge demand for these dinners. It’s also great to be able to update it by bringing another restaurant into the mix with KOL.

“The chefs love the opportunity to bounce different ideas around for these dinners. Not all make the cut, but it really gives us a chance to be agile and create a dish just days out from or sometimes on the day of the event.”

The menu for the Gaggenau Tuesday Test Kitchen changes each month, depending on the seasonal availability of produce and what happens to be inspiring the chefs.