Controversial bar opening in Dunedin

John Devereux, a Dunedin publican, has been granted an on-licence to run a new bar called Sunset Sam. Formerly, police had disputed his eligibility for the licence due to misdemeanours at his other bar, Carousel.

Previously, Devereux had come under fire when he was found to have exceeded the capacity for Carousel, as well as playing host to an intoxicated person who had wet himself and fallen asleep.

The Dunedin district licensing committee said that there was no evidence to suggest that Devereux was not a suitable person. They said that he had acted appropriately upon hearing about his overcrowding. Furthermore, because the application was for a separate bar with an increased capacity, the committee was confident that the bar would be run suitably.

Despite the controversy, Devereux will have to defend himself and his bar at an Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority hearing next month. Police have applied to have Carousel’s on-licence revoked, and have Devereux’s manager’s certificate suspended.